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La Gomera Trekking

ANDA YA is experience. 

Come and get actively acquainted with the island of La Gomera and all its variety. Dive into a special world of ancient laurel trees, palm groves, deeply carved valleys and bizarre rock formations. Discover the unique beauty and magic of La Gomera on footTrekking on La Gomera – the best way to discover the island firsthand.

ANDA YA is right in the centre. 
How is goat cheese made? Where does palm honey come from? What is gofio, and what is mojo? Experience traditional methods of farming and producing domestic products. We introduce you to the history and culture of La Gomera. And as guests of La Gomera, we do our best to travel on the island in a sustainable way, to treat the natural environment with care, and to include the native population in our activities.

ANDA YA is flexible. 
You can decide yourself whether you want to hike in a small group or individually, whether you want to stay on La Gomera for 7 days, 10 days or even longer, whether you want to hike a lot or only a little, and whether you want to stop off for a day. We will book suitable accommodation for extra days, and we can organise your arrival and departure according to your wishes.

ANDA YA is personal. 
Our hikes take place in small groups with a maximum of 12 participants. We stay at small family-owned pensions and eat at local bars and restaurants. Our hiking guides are available for you during the whole journey, and they are at your side whenever you need advice or help.

ANDA YA                 Look who’s here!

 Tip: Fotoimpressions of the tour from guests - March 2014 (from No. 241)

La Gomera Trekking - Anda Ya!

La Gomera  Walking Holidays

Are you looking for walking holidays on La Gomera? We recommend our partner "New Experience Holidays", with over 20 years’ experience creating and perfecting walking holidays all around the world.