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Terms of Service Timah Shop

Services Included

Any excursion booked for includes all transfers as well as qualified hiking guides 

Occasionally, unforeseeable events, such as adverse weather or official orders from local or national authorities, may force TIMAH to modify a route so it may deviate from the offered and planned.

Whenever the necessity for such a modification to our services comes to our notice before the start of an excursion, we will promptly advise the participants.

Unclaimed Services

A cancellation fee of 50% of the paid price shall be due on withdrawing from a booked excursion up to

12 hours before its start. No refund will be granted to those not showing up at the start of the excursion.

Cancellation by TIMAH

When the required minimum number of participants cannot not reached, then TIMAH reserves the right to withdraw from all contractual obligations before the start of the excursion.

If TIMAH should cancel an excursion, the participants concerned are entitled to full refund.

Any participant repeatedly disturbing the course of an excusion, be it by acting unlawfully or by behaving in manner contrary to the contract, shall, after warning, be subject to immediate termination of the contract.

Any claim to refund for services unclaimed shall be forfeited.

Cancellation due to Force Majeure

If, as a result of force majeure (e. g. weather conditions, natural desasters), an excursion or parts thereof cannot take place, then TIMAH shall not be obliged to fully or partially refund the price.

Requirements to Participants

Excursions offered by TIMAH are open to everybody who is healthy and fit for the requirements laid out in the tour descriptions. The physical requirements specified are stated to our best knowing and responsibility, however without guarantee, as the judgement of one's physical shape is very individual and may also depend on environmental circumstances, mainly the weather.

When booking an excursion, clients shall declare any physical and health limitation, so that special needs that a client may have can be accounted for already in advance and befor the beginning of the tour.

In any case, every participant must wear clothing and equipment adequate for the character of the tour booked.

TIMAH hiking guides are entitled to exclude persons not complying with the requirements from certain parts or from the entire programme.


For all the tours carried out, TIMAH has a general liability insurance (responabilidad civil), as required by law for all Spanish touristic enterprises. Participation in a trekking excursion offered by TIMAH is always at the participants' own risk.

TIMAH shall not be liable for shortcomings in services provided by third parties. Such responsibility shall reside solely in the party providing the service. The same applies to accommodation services (hotel, apartment) and transfer services (bus, taxi) arranged by TIMAH.

Place of Jurisdiction

San Sebastian de La Gomera